With three separate spots, outdoor and covered, parking at the Verbeekstraat is one of the best choices you can make. Verbeekstraat parking is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, from only € 0,50 an hour during the night making it one of the cheapest options in Leiden to park. In need of a parking spot near the University or the Bioscience Park Leiden? The Verbeekstraat got you covered. 

Cheap parking at Verbeekstraat

The Verbeekstraat is the usual parking lot where locals go to when they are in need of an affordable parking spot in the proximity of Park Kweeklust and the University of Leiden. Despite its growing popularity, the parking lot continues to offer plenty of space. You don’t have to be afraid there won’t any spots left when you need to park your car. 

Parking for cheap in Leiden is especially easy during nighttime (6 PM – 8 AM). With only 50 cents as the going hourly rate we are certain that you won’t find parking for cheaper. During the day the parking rate rises to € 1,40, which remains one of the lowest rates one could find near the central district. 

Planning to spend a full day in this historic city? For only € 7,- you can park your car for a full 24 hours, making it the cheapest 24-hour option we know of. 

Covered parking in Leiden

Do you want to protect your car from the weather? With access to covered parking at the Verbeekstraat you know your car is protected from even the worst weather. With relatively few affordable covered parking alternatives in Leiden this is by far the best spot to give your car some rest. 

Other locations such as the Leidatoweg and Floris Versterlaan may be a suitable alternative if a roof above the car is not a necessity. These spots are – during daytime- cheaper alternatives to the Verbeekstraat. 

Located in the proximity of the A44 (highway)

This parking lot is with its central location near the A44, Naturalis and University strategically located. From multiple directions the Verbeekstraat is easily accessible. 

You can get to the Verbeekstraat parking by leaving the A44 to pass the N206, continuing the Plesmanlaan until you reach the Verbeekstraat. It’s really that easy!