Are you also tired of paying to much for parking in Leiden? We’ve explored the great city of Leiden in order to gather the most affordable parking lots near the city centre. Our adventure resulted in three prime parking spots that start at only € 1 an hour and € 7 a day. Cheap parking in Leiden is finally here. And we got the lowest prices possible for you. 

The past few years prices for parking in Leiden have risen by more than 50 percent. Up until last year it was even possible to park for free at some spots. Not anymore. 

Fortunately, Parkbee, a new mobile app, came to the rescue and made it possible to search for the cheapest parking lots in Leiden. The three cheapest and best parking lots are extensively covered on this website. 

We have based our picks on multiple factors, such as quality, space, accessibility and of course: price. Since parking spots in Leiden charge anything from € 1 / hour up to € 7 / hour, our selection is able to get you only directed to the spots that are able to offer a decent price. 

Daily rate of parking in Leiden

At all three of our selected parking lots it is possible to park your car for 24 hours or longer. When you are planning to visit Leiden for more than one day, these spots are able to offer you a parking space for multiple days for only € 7 a day. 

The parking lot at the Verbeekstraat is with its daily rate of € 7,- a day by far the cheapest of the three. If you are searching for cheap parking spots in Leiden, this is the best you will be able to get. This parking lot is located in the proximity of Park Kweeklust and the University of Leiden. Cheaper parking in Leiden than at the Verbeekstraat is not possible!

Do you need to find a parking spot near the Eschertoren? Then we got great news for you! From € 7,50 a day the parking lot at the Leidatoweg is one of the most spacious and cheapest options of Leiden. 

Cheap parking in Leiden? Take a look at these hourly rates

In many cases it is only necessary to park your car for several hours. The selected parking lots are also able to offer you the lowest hourly rates of Leiden, making it even easier to find parking the next time you are going to visit Leiden. 

The aforementioned Eschertoren parking lot (Leidatoweg) only charges € 1,50 an hour. Looking for even cheaper parking? Then navigate towards the Floris Versterlaan, where you can park from € 1 an hour, the most affordable parking lot of Leiden.

Why would you pay four times as much when you can park for € 1 near the center of Leiden?