In search of a parking spot that is affordable and close to the centre of Leiden? The parking lot at the Eschertoren is able to offer you exactly that. 

Parking near the Eschertoren and Groenoordhallen has never been this cheap!

Parking for less in Leiden near the Eschertoren

With access to the parking lot near the Eschertower an affordable alternative to the overly expensive parking garages spread around Leiden has finally arrived. The Leidatoweg parking lot is open 24 hours a day and wheelchair-friendly. While covered carparking at this location is not possible, the spot is easily accessible from any direction. 


The hourly and daily rates of this parking lot are much cheaper than you probably would expect. You can park your car at the Leidatoweg parking for only € 1,50/hour and € 7,50/day. 

In comparison to giants such as Q-Park the difference in hourly parking rates can go up to more than 70 percent. It is therefore easy to guess why the parking lot near the Eschertoren has been so popular since the day it opened. 

Easy access and centrally located

Practically every location within the city limits of Leiden is easy to reach from the Leidatoweg. After parking your car, you can reach the city centre within ten minutes. One of the prettiest parks of the Netherlands, the Noorderpark, is also not far from this affordable parking lot. 

This parking lot is easy to reach when you’re coming from the A4, A44 and N206, making it the best accessible parking lot we have covered on this website!

Plenty of space at this outdoor parking lot

The chances of arriving at the parking lot near the Eschertoren without any available parking spots are extremely low. This parking lot has, on average, more than enough space to offer a spacious spot. And that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Don’t bother yourself by parking at an expensive garage. Choose the Leidatoweg when you are visiting Leiden.