Floris Versterlaan

Parking for an hourly rate of just € 1. Parking for a lower rate than you can get at the Floris Versterlaan is nog possible. This spacious parking lot is open 24 hours a day and is easily accessible from the main highways (A4 and A44). 

Parking for one euro in Leiden

Parking in Leiden is by far the cheapest at the Floris Versterlaan. You can park here for just € 1 an hour. Much cheaper than surrounding parking lots where you pay at least € 1,50. 

It’s even more amazing that the Floris Versterlaan parking is able to connect you to the centre of Leiden in just ten minutes, making it the most affordable centrally located parking spot we know of. 

Commercial parking garages charge on average three to four times as much as the Floris Versterlaan. If you are looking for cheap parking in Leiden, the Floris Versterlaan should be the only parking spot to enter as your destination. 

Never pay too much again for a centrally located parking spot

The Floris Versterlaan has become one of the preferred parking lots of locals and visitors of the beautiful city of Leiden. Fortunately, this location is equipped with more than enough parking spaces to offer everyone an affordable spot. 

With its proximity to the city centre, University and Noorderpark, parking in Leiden doesn’t need to be expensive anymore. With the Floris Versterlaan parking everyone can now find a spot that doesn’t overcharge you like commercial garages do.

Easy to access from the A4 and A44

Most of the people that use the Floris Versterlaan parking lot arrive from either the A4 or the A44. The main reason for this has everything to do with the connection of the Floris Versterlaan to these highways. It only takes around ten minutes to reach the parking lot from the A4 and A44, making it one of the most accessible parking lots in Leiden.